Obama Paid Libertarian To Get McAuliffe Elected

RON PAUL WAS RIGHT. Teeebaagerzz zombies dug Cuccinelli grave in Virginia.
✡On Monday, former Congressman and staunch libertarian Ron Paul (R-TX) campaigned for Virginia Republican Governor candidate Ken Cuccinelli and said Virginias would be giving up on liberty if they voted for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Tuesday’s election and would be “insane” if they voted for so-called libertarian Robert Sarvis, the third-party candidate who may siphon enough votes from Cuccinelli to spoil the election.
✡Don’t blame me for your menopause. When their founding fathers landed in America. There were 10 billion Buffaloes and 10 trillion salmon in America now their broods importing Monsanto fed GMO beef from New Zealand and Cloned Salmon from Chile.
✡Mea Culpa. Whenever I type TeaParty my spellchecker changes it to Teeebaagerzz. I am a Paulite Constitutionalist Libertarian from UAE ain’t Liberal Hippie. TeaParty movement is our creation. We, the Paulite Libertarian who dropped Tea Leaves in Boston Harbor in 25 Dec 2008. It’s a colorless revolution Pioneered by our Honorable Leader Ron Paul. TeaParty movement is hijacked by Kochsuckers. Just Call 1-800-KOCHBROTHERS for Bargain Price.Libertarianism ain’t child play.
✡Ron Paul intellectual revolution ain’t political shenanigan for Teeebaagerzz zombies to crow about. while Obese Teeebaagerzz march from Town-Halls to the next McDonald to barter foodstamps to Big-Mac, Large French-Fries and diet soda and rush back home to watch Sarah Palin rigging civility on FOXNEWS.. It’s Philosophy of Economics, no interventionist foreign policy and civil liberties. “Individuals are smart to take care of themselves. Why should we grant authority to few thugs who want to take over the government to make all our decisions for us?” Ron Paul. ‘Nobody spends somebody else’s money as wisely as they spend their own’. Milton Friedman.

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