Khodorkovsky pardoned

During the Drunk Boris Yeltsin Great Hangover Mikhail Khodorkovsky auctioned the whole Russian commonwealth from Alaska to Greenland [eleven time zones] for [as little as] $80B.He established OJSC “Yukos Oil Company” (Russian: ОАО Нефтяна́я Компа́ния Ю́КОС to steal Russian hydrocarbon and dole it to Israel to strangle Europe. Putin ain’t my favorite Russian hooker but I admired his boldness then to bankrupt Yukos and keep Mikhail Khodorkovsky behind bar. Putin lost me when he pardoned him. Obama must called Putin gazillion times to free him… oh no not that easy. Its Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s $18B loot that surfaced between London and Tel Aviv influenced Putin’s suicidal decision. My condolence goes to Gulag.
I wish you’re right.


Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned former tycoon and kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky only eight months before he was due to be set free after more than 10 years in prison in Siberia. Knodorkovsky was considered by Amnesty International as a prisoner of Conscience. His pardon may be related to the good impression in Human rights that Russia wants to give to the world in occasion of the winter Olympic games in Sochi.

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