Tiananmen anniversary has Hong Kong agonizing over the freedom in its future

Quit posting GoogledJunk, WikiTrash, whitewash and mainstream MediaWhoresManure to impress Chinese.
For 25 years CMC+PLA are masturbating over billions of Looosers from around the globe mourning Tiananmen Circus dead.
The duo who committed the genocides Qin Shengxiang and Zhang Yang are promoted to ranks of Generals and they’re controlling Xi Jinping inner circle.
Every year, for 25 years; on 25th anniversary, they’re saying to all those fools: “up your come and get us assholes!”
If you think that those dumb students went to Tiananmen Circus on their own then you’re seriously need exorcism.
Ask Qin and Zhang they will be able to tell you about plainclothes CMC+PLA soldiers who frogmarched the idiots to their terminal destiny.
Dick Cheney still thinks that invading Afghanistan and Iraq stopped terror in USA.
CMC+PLA firmly believe that Tiananmen Circus stopped terror in China.
CMC+PLA are petty 8 million Looosers fucking 1.35B Chinese and the whole world.
By the help of USA [as we speak] they’re stealing poor Philippine Fisheries and Vietnam’s & Burma’s hydrocarbons at daylight.
You wanna pop CMC+PLA. It’s Simple! Quit buying anything Chinese. They will stir fry their own babies next week.

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