🐫IT’S TOO WRONG TO READ AN ARABSPRINGER LIBERTARIAN TAKE! Here It’s… Take Your Chance… I Won’t Bite… Trump Trashed USA Before Putin Does. He Pardoned Putin for Playing Him Fool, Instead of Skinning Him Alive. Trump Upgraded Putin “A Dumbass KGB Knockout to an Emperor” Above America, Lest Naryshkin Delivers Melania’s Victoria Secrets to Wikileaks. The Asshole Thought That He’s on Fox News Ain’t in Helsinki. He Lied About ISIS, Iran, NOKO & 34,000 Hillary’s Emails Which Deleted Before He’s Born. Once Elia Panchenko; Trump’s Lifesaver and the Israeli Journalist nested in RTA Shot His rehearsed Rigged, Pre Approved, Stooopid and Boring Question; Trump Dumped SYRIA and Went Praising, Applauding, Commending, Complimenting, Adulating Tribute Rave Over His Israeli Fuckocrasy to Save His Ass from the Jewish Controlled Imminent Miadiawhores Repercussions. وقال الّذِين كفرُوا هل ندُلُّكُم على رجُلٍ يُنبِّئُكُم إِذا مُزِّقتُم كُلّ مُمزّقٍ إِنّكُم لفِي خلقٍ جدِيدٍ أفترى على اللّهِ كذِبًا أم بِهِ جِنّةٌ بلِ الّذِين لا يُؤمِنُون بِالآخِرةِ فِي العذابِ والضّلالِ البعِيدِ🐪